Public Strategy for Sustainable Development (PS4SD) is a think-tank and advisory network registered in 2000, based in Brussels and The Hague, with associates in Berlin, London, Oslo and Leiden. PS4SD combines the expertise and experience with governance, impact assessment and stakeholder engagement of its founders Louis Meuleman and Ingeborg Niestroy and their associates. In our work we develop new solutions for the stumbling blocks that governments, civil society, science and business are facing in their attempts to move towards sustainable societies.

We focus on three main topics and their linkages: Governance (how to organise change, with metagovernance as a modern approach); Impact assessment (how to assess success or failure, how to combine environmental and sustainability assessments); Stakeholder engagement (how to influence governmental decisions and how to get governments to participate in stakeholders’ sustainable innovation arrangements).

In the tradition of professional networks, we like to work with those who challenge us to develop the best ideas. We are proud to present here our founders and associates, who are some of the best global experts in the field of sustainability governance.