Short reads on sustainability challenges

Here are all seven 2-page articles on SDG-related challenges which we published online as guest articles at during the last years, put together in easily readable downloads:

Why we need ‘real-time’ multi-level governance for the SDGs. Meuleman, L., 2019. Guest article, Download pdf. Online:

Metagovernance for Sustainability: A Full Toolbox for Implementing the SDGs. Meuleman, L., 2018. Guest article 13 June 2019, 2018. Download pdf. Online:  

Effective governance for sustainable development: 11 principles to be put in practice. Bouckaert, G., Chawdhry, U.,  Meuleman, L., Fraser-Moleketi, G., and Pizani, M., 2018. Guest article 7 August 2018. Download pdf. Online:

It is about time to promote policy and institutional coherence for the SDGs. Meuleman, L., 2018.  Guest article, IISD. Download pdf. Onlin:

From PPP to ABC: A new partnership approach for the SDGs. Meuleman, L., Strandenaes, J.G. and Niestroy, I., 2016. Guest article published on 11 October 2016. Download pdf. Online:

Teaching Silos to Dance: A Condition to Implement the SDGs. Niestroy, I. and Meuleman, L., 2016. Guest article published 21 July 2016 at Dowlnoad pdf. Online:

Common But Differentiated Governance: Making the SDGs Work. Niestroy, I. and Meuleman, L., 2015. Short version published online as Guest article at IISD. Download pdf. Online: . Longer journal article: Meuleman, L. and Niestroy, I. (2015) Common But Differentiated Governance: A Metagovernance Approach to Make the SDGs Work. Sustainability 20157, 12295-12321. Downloadlink