Teaching silos to dance(ts2d) is the metaphor for training course and related activities organised by ps4sd to stimulate people to collaborate across organisational ‘silos’ such as ministries, agencies and other public-sector organisations.

We distinguish political, institutional and mental silos. In our courses we consider making mental silos ‘dance’ as a good starting point for capacity building and organisational change. It is also effective as an activity flanking a reorganisation process.

The concept ‘teaching silos to dance’ was originally coined in a 2016 article. We are convinced that in most cases it is better to make people move across and between silos, with different dances and choreographies, and different dance partners, than merely ‘breaking down the silos’.

Teaching silos to dance stimulates better collaboration and communication between silos, which is a precondition for, in particular, achieving policy coherence for sustainable development.

More on the courses soon!

The Teaching silos to dance team:    Louis Meuleman, Ingeborg Niestroy, Andreas Versmann, Francesca Valentini