(2009) Sustainable Development and the Governance of Long-Term Decision Making

Co-authored report – Meuleman, L. and R.J. in ‘t Veld (2009), Sustainable Development and the Governance of Long-Term Decision Making. The Hague: RMNO/EEAC

We tend to neglect long term futures. People seem to be “hard wired” to ignoring long term threats but are very sensitive to immediate dangers. This study analyses what is necessary in order to tackle the challenges of long-term decision making, in particular but not solely in the context of sustainable development, taking a broad ´governance´ perspective. The central question is: What can be learned from ‘good practices’ and ‘worst cases’ about the conditions under which governments and other societal actors may take wise decisions with a long-term perspective? The aim is to support government decision
makers and societal stakeholders on regional, national and EU levels who are involved in long-term policy making.