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PS4SD publishes research papers on a variety of topics, from SDGs, to Meta-Governance, to science and policy. These papers inform our partners on the best strategic paths and priorities. You can view some of our best publications on this page.

Recent Publications

Short reads on sustainability challenges

Here are all seven 2-page articles on SDG-related challenges which we published online as guest articles at during the last years, put together in easily readable downloads: Why we need...

What makes effective governance?

How does one know when countries have implemented good governance? Although a cornerstone of all developmental efforts and the sine qua non of sustainability, governance is often nebulous. As a...

Contribution to 2019 HLPF

UN CEPA submitted a contribution to the July 2019 High-level Political Forum in the SDGs, stating among others that public institutions are not ready to curb the trend of disempowerment, and that we...

We have all of our past official publications archived on PS4SD.EU. To view and search through our complete archive of publications, you can click the button below.

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Our associates are published authors, having been cited hundreds of times in scientific studies. You can find our books on Amazon and in school libraries throughout the world.

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