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PS4SD publishes research papers on a variety of topics, from SDGs, to Meta-Governance, to science and policy. 

Publication list Ingeborg Niestroy


Meuleman, L., Versmann, A, Niestroy, I. and Valentini, F. (2023). Peer 2 Peer for Mainstreaming the SDGs in Regulatory Impact Assessment. Part 1 (Main Report) and Part 2 (Workshops). Brussels: PS4SD.


Niestroy, I. (2022). Constructing assessment indicator dashboards for evidence-informed policymaking: Insights from the perspective of public administration, institutions, and governance, Krieger, K. and Melchor, L., editor(s), Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2022, ISBN 978-92-76-53802-8 (online), doi:10.2760/8657 (online), JRC130062

Niestroy, I. and Meuleman, L. (2022). Managing the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2022


Niestroy, I., Nicholson, S., Charlier, G.. (2020). Contribution of CEI to UN Agenda 2030 and its implementation in CEI Member States. Part 1: The contribution of CEI to Agenda 2030. Part 2: SDG implementation in CEI Member States: analysis of governance elements and recommended steps ahead.


Niestroy, I., Hege, E., Dirth, E.., Zondervan, R. (2019): Europe’s approach to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: good practices and the way forward. Study commissioned by the European Parliament’s Committee on Development. ISBN: 978-92-846-4578-7.




Meuleman, L., Strandenaes, J.-G., Niestroy, I. (2016): From PPP to ABC: A New Partnership Approach for the SDGs. partnership-approach-for-the-sdgs/?

Niestroy, and Meuleman, L. (2016): Teaching Silos to Dance: A Condition to Implement the SDGs. Guest article #59, IISD SD Policy & Practice, 21 July 2016. articles/teaching-silos-to-dance-a-condition-to-implement-the-sdgs/

Niestroy, (2016): How are we getting ready? The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the EU and its Member States: analysis and action so far. Discussion paper 9/2016, German Development Institute (DIE). ready-the-2030-agenda-for-sustainable-development-in-the-eu-and-its-member-states-analysis-and- action-so-far/

Hackenesch, , Kloke-Lesch, A., Koch, S., Niestroy, I., Scholz, I. (2016): Towards the “Sustainable Development Union”: Why the EU needs to do more to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. German Development Institute (DIE). Briefing Paper 6/2016. implement-2030-agenda


Niestroy, I. (2015): Governance approaches and tools for SD integration: good practice (what has worked where and why) at national level. Paper for the UN DESA/UNEP Technical Capacity Building Workshop Sustainable Development Integration Tools, Geneva, 14-15 October 2015.

European Commission (ed.) / Giovannini, E., Niestroy, I., Nilsson, M., Roure, F., Spanos, M. (2015): The role of science, technology and innovation policies to foster the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Report of the expert group ‘Follow-up to Rio+20, notably the SDGs’. Brussels, October 2015.

Meuleman, L. and Niestroy, I. (2015): Common But Differentiated Governance”: A Metagovernance Approach to Make the SDGs Work. In: Sustainability 2015, 7, 12295-12321. Open Access download link:; Guest article for IISD, 21 April 2015:



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Contribution of CEI to UN Agenda 2030 and its implementation in CEI Member States

In the framework of the 5th anniversary of the adoption of Agenda 2030, the Central European Initiative, a collaboration of 17 countries, launched the report “Contribution of CEI to UN Agenda 2030 and its implementation in CEI Member States”, made by a Public Strategy for Sustainable Development team with Ingeborg Niestroy (lead), Sally Nicholson and Gaetane Charlier, in cooperation with the CEI-Executive Secretariat.

(2005) Sustaining Sustainability

Authored book - Ingeborg Niestroy. Sustaining Sustainability: A benchmark study on national strategies towards sustainable development and the impact of councils in nine EU member states. This study...

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