Willingly & Knowingly: The role of knowledge about nature and the environment in policy processes (2009)

Roeland J. in ‘t Veld (Ed.)(2000/2009). Utrecht/The Hague: Lemmo/RMNO.

This book, published in 2000 and re-issued in 2009, marks a watershed in thinking about the use of knowledge for environmental policy-making. It criticises the naïve rational model of a linear relationship between policy and knowledge. On the basis of five case studies, knowledge is presented as a social construction; the way knowledge is used in complex questions should be expressed in terms of a political struggle, or at least in terms of differences in the perception of problems, the conducting of negotiations, the forming of alliances and such.

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[Roel in ‘t Veld was chairman and Louis was director of the RMNO from 2002-2010; Per 1.1.2010, the RMNO (Advisory Council for Research on Spatial Planning, Nature and the Evironment) was abolished by the then Dutch Government.]