(2008) Public Management and the Metagovernance of Hierarchies, Networks and Markets

Authored book – Louis Meuleman, PhD thesis. Heidelberg: Springer.

What is modern governance? Is it the battle against ‘old-fashioned’ hierarchy, or is it the restoration of key hierarchical values? Is it optimizing network management, or maximizing the benefits of market thinking in the public-sector? This book argues that it is the combination of all this. The next question is: In practice, how do successful public managers design and manage combinations of hierarchical, network and market governance? In other words: what is their rationale to apply metagovernance?

B. Guy Peters (2010: 37): “Louis Meuleman (2008) has provided the most extensive discussion of the concept of meta-governance now available” (in: Osborne, S.P. (2010), The New Public Governance? Emerging perspectives on the theory and practice of public governance).

The Preface and Table of Contents of this PhD thesis can be downloaded here: Preface  Table of Contents