Bio Louis Meuleman

Louis Meuleman – Founder/director

Dr. Louis Meuleman is policy  and governance advisor, manager and trainer on (sustainability) governance and metagovernance, public administration reform and sustainability transitions. He is Rapporteur (2019-20) and Member (2018-21) of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA). He works at the European Commission, DG Environment, in Brussels, as coordinator Environmental Implementation Review and European Semester. Louis has an MsC in environmental biology and a Phd in public administration. His latest book is Metagovernance for sustainability: A framework for implementing the SDGs (Routledge, London, 2018). […]

Bio Ingeborg Niestroy

Ingeborg Niestroy – Founder/director

Dr. Ingeborg Niestroy studied (physical) geography, worked as planner for transport projects, and has ever since been interested in governance questions of environmental integration and sustainable development, firstly culminating in her Ph.D. thesis on Strategic Environmental Assessment. She was Secretary-General of the European network of advisory councils for environmental policy and sustainable development (EEAC), and has around 15 years’ experience in European policy-making and multi-stakeholder relations. She conducted a comparative study on governance for SD in nine EU members states (2005), and well as on different models of environmental and SD councils (2007, with follow-ups). […]

News & Events

New PS4SD associate: Sally Nicholson

We welcome Sally Nicholson as associate of PS4SD. Sally has been working on sustainable development in the NGO sector for more than 30 years, based in London and Brussels. She has focussed on the integration of environmental issues in international development, most recently as Head of Development Policy and Funding for the WWF European Policy Office, and has worked extensively on the Rio processes, the Millennium Development Goals and is still working on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Sally has gained experience in working across both the environment and development sectors including on issues such as policy coherence for development and working closely with civil society actors, government and business.  […]

News & Events

Andreas Versmann – Associate

Andreas Versmann is a Berlin-based expert in environmental law, governance and capacity building measures and events. He  is an independent policy adviser in environmental law and governance, with profound experience in transition management towards a low carbon and circular economy. He provides guidance in multi-stakeholder policy-making and creating innovative partnerships. He is well-versed in managing conferences, hearings, workshops governmental and non-governmental stakeholders as well as an excellent moderator. […]

Who we are

Jan-Gustav Strandenaes – Associate

Jan-Gustav Strandenaes had his debut with the UN and the environment in the 1970s through the Stockholm Conference for Environment in 1972 and has stayed with this arena ever since, worked on disseminating information on and teaching about UN issues during the 80s and early 90s, has followed and worked with the UN Commission for Sustainable Development since 1997, when he that year, was a liaison officer between the UN and the NGO community at the UN headquarters in New York. After his first assignments for the UN in Latin America in the 70’s, Jan-Gustav has worked and lived in Botswana, Uganda, the US and Sweden in addition to Norway. […]

Bio Roel in 't Veld

Roel in ‘t Veld – Associate

Prof. Dr. Roeland J. in ’t Veld is professor of Governance and Sustainability at the University of Tilburg. Moreover he chairs a number of national and international research programmes and societal organisations. Roel in ’t Veld has editorial responsibility for a wide range of publications, including works on process management and the Handbook on ‘Corporate Governance’ as well as Knowledge Democracy. During 15 years Roel in ’t Veld was Chair of the Advisory Council for Research on Spatial Planning, Nature and the Environment (RMNO) in the Hague and has held such positions as Director-General for Higher Education and Scientific Research at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Secretary of State for Education and Science and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Railway Infraprovider, as well as IBM. He fulfilled duties as a professor at seven European universities. He served as an advisor of the World Bank, OECD and the Council of Europe. […]