Innovative Multi-Level Governance

Innovative Multi-Level Governance

Sept 2023 – The United Nations’ World Public Sector Report 2023 includes an article written by Louis Meuleman on “Innovative Multilevel Coordination and Preparedness after COVID-19”. The article is available in the advanced unedited version of...

Green Initiative Presentation

JUNE 2023 – On 5 June 2023, Louis Meuleman spoke at an online conference of the Green Initiative, on World Environment Day. Here is the pdf of his short ppt presentation.

New Finnish RIA Guidelines

FINLAND On 8 May 2023, Finland has published its revised RIA Guidelines in an English version. They can be downloaded here. The new Guidelines include more comprehensive instructions on, for example, the stages of an impact assessment as part of the law drafting...

New Dutch RIA Guidelines

NETHERLANDS The Netherlands adopted revised RIA Guidelines – The Policy Compass – in April 2023. The presentation (pdf) in English can be downloaded here. The RIA website (in Dutch) is here.
SDG 16 Conference in Rome

SDG 16 Conference in Rome

MAY 2023 – From 30 May until 1st June, the annual SDG Conference in preparation of the 2023 High Level political Forum on the SDGs was held at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome. Louis Meuleman and Ingeborg Niestroiy were among the invited...

Reviews “Metagovernance for Sustainability”

“As a pioneering theorist and experienced practitioner, Meuleman is well-qualified to write this timely study of metagovernance. He presents complex ideas clearly, explores diverse forms of metagovernance, and illustrates their implications for dealing with the...
Countries integrate sustainability in their impact assessments

Workshop SDGs and Better Regulation

MAY 2023 – On 4 May, PS4SD organised the 6th and probably last peer learning workshop with EU countries, Commission, OECD and stakeholders, on how to integrate the SDGs in Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). This workshop linked this to the full policy cycle...