Bio Andre Batalhao

Andre is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Business Administration at School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting at Ribeirão Preto (FEARP), University of São Paulo (USP). Collaborating Researcher at the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research (CENSE), Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal. PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Federal University of Goiás (CIAMB / UFG), Brazil, with co-supervision at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

He has been working with different types of stakeholders at UN assemblies to improve the Agenda 2030 Indicators representing Brazil. He is also co-coordinator of the Working Group Interdisciplinary of the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers. His research interests are: Sustainability Indicators; Metropolitan Regions and Sustainable Megacities; Sustainable Development Goals (SDG); Local and Regional Sustainability; Sustainability Assessment; Sustainable Development; Sustainable Practices and Actions; Environmental and Sustainability Management; Public Policies to Sustainability; Sustainability Management and Planning for river basin regions.