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Beau Lieu Café on 4 May 2023 – Video

MAY 2023 – On 4th May, a Beau Lieu Café on “SDGs in Better Regulation for Evidence-Informed Policymaking” took place at the Residence Palace in the Schumann Area in Brussels.

After the European Commission in 2021 decided to integrate the Sustainable Development goals in its Better regulation tools (impact assessments, evaluations), a series of peer learning workshops started with EU member states, Commission, OECD and other experts, organised by the think tank Public Strategy for Sustainable Development, with a grant from the German Federal Environment Ministry.

Many countries have since then updated their Better Regulation tools. In this Beau Lieu Café we discuss how this helps to better inform policymaking, the political dimension, and possible next steps.

The livestream can be watched on our Youtube channel.

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