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Mainstreaming SDGs in Regulatory Impact Assessment: report published

From December 2021 until July 2022, thirteen (and ultimately seventeen) EU Member States, the European Commission and the OECD participated in a dynamic and highly interactive project aiming at mainstreaming the SDGs into RIA procedures. On 05.09.2022, Germany decided to finance an extension of the project, until 1st March 2023. 

The report of the first phase of this project is available for download here:

 Download Part 1. Main Report

Download Part 2. Workshop Reports

 Download Project Summary

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Covid-19 and Metagovernance

AUG 2021  In a column in the PA Times of the American Society for Public Administration, Mauricio Covarrubias concludes that national leadership and coordinated action will remain critical and require metagovernance. “Challenges such as COVID-19 make it necessary to focus attention on a meta-level governance in which governments must demonstrate the ability to join together the multiplicity of organizations and interests to form a coherent policy fabric. (See: X. Wu, M. Ramesh & M. Howlett’s 2015 work, “Policy capacity: A conceptual framework for understanding policy competences and capabilities.” Similarly, Louis Meuleman, Vice Chairman of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA), in his book Metagovernance for Sustainability: A Framework for Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, argues that complex political challenges require meta-governance based on systems thinking, a comprehensive approach (taking into account all relevant aspects) and also a holistic view. In times where interdependence and global challenges are constantly increasing, the political capacity of central governments will be related to the ability to coordinate a unified national response between different level


New Publications

Publication list Ingeborg Niestroy

Managing the Implementation of the SDGs

The report ‘Managing the Implementation of the SDGs’ by Ingeborg Niestroy and Louis Meuleman was  published online recently by the European Commission’s DG REFORM. Originally made in 2020 and with some additions in 2021, the report introduces why and how the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals are essential for the quality of public administration and governance. Download the report here. […]


Navigating the Narrows: Strategies for SDG Governance

Louis Meuleman and Ingeborg Niestroy are the guest editors of a Special Issue of the Journal Sustainability, to be published after the summer of 2023. The theme is about strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to strategic governance for sustainable development, such as strategic planning, strategy as a learning process, and strategising for trade-offs and synergies in different (supranational, national, or subnational) contexts. More information and how to contribute can be found here. […]


Public administration, institutions, and governance for evidence-informed policymaking

JULY 2022 – In the report “Constructing assessment indicator dashboards for evidence-informed policymaking: Insights from the perspective of public administration, institutions, and governance”, Ingeborg Niestroy discusses the effectiveness of evidence-informed policymaking mechanisms from the perspective of policymakers, using the lenses of public administration, public management and (sustainability) governance. The report was prepared for the European Commission’s Joint Research Center and published online on 19 July 2022. It contains substantial input from Louis Meuleman. […]

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What about the governance of evidence-informed policymaking?

JULY 2022 – How can policymakers make the best of the science they are offered to prepare new policies and laws? This question, focusing on the ‘demand’ side of science-policy-society relations, is less often asked than how the ‘supply’ side can be improved. Louis Meuleman argues in a Blog written for and published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, that the demand side needs to be taken more into account, and that a dedicated governance framework would definitely support this. The Blog builds on a report Ingeborg Niestroy wrote for the JRC. […]

Future Events & Presentations

  • MAR 2023: PS4SD has designed a new online training course for EU officials, which is launched at the EU Policymaking Hub: Working better with others  for the Commission/EU priorities. It builds the training on overcoming silo-thinking. The first edition will be held on 9 & 10 March 2023. […]

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    DEC 2022 – On 2nd December 2022, Louis Meuleman will present some insights on metagovernance and sustainability with a focus on the environmental aspect, at the IGES annual International Forum on Sustainable Asia-Pacific (ISAP). Japan. […]

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    NOV 2022 – On 26 November, Louis Meuleman will give an online  keynote speech in Lagos, Nigeria, on the Social Impact Award, at the CSR Reporters Philantropic Awards conference. […]

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    NOV 2022 – On 24th November, Louis Meuleman will give an online guest lecture on ‘Metagovernance for Sustainability: Guidance for an Unpredictable World’ at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. […]

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    Nov 2022 – From 21-25 November, Louis Meuleman will be training civil servants of the national government of Cyprus on aspects of sustainable development related to the upcoming national SDG Action Plan of the country. The training week is part of the UNITAR-led project supporting Cyprus with the preparation of the Action Plan. […]

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