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Presentations/Conferences 2024

Presentations/Conferences 2024

Presentations and conference participation Louis Meuleman in 2024 so far:

21-06-2024 Prague, Czech Republic, Presentations on ‘Sustainability Impact Assessments (SIA): Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats’ and on ‘Mainstreaming sustainability in regulatory reviews: The project Peer 2 Peer for Mainstreaming the SDGs in Regulatory Impact Assessment’, at a CZ/OECD workshop on Regulatory Impact Assessments and Evaluations.

20-06-2024 Republic of Korea (online), Presentation on ‘Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability Governance in Turbulent times at the 2024 Annual KAPA International Conference

17/18-06-2024, Mannheim, Germany, Presentation on ‘What role for European cities in the multi-level governance of the 2030 Agenda and beyond?’ and moderating a Mayors’ Round table;  presenting on and  conducting workshop on ‘Governance styles and tools’ at the URBACT Cities for Sustainability Governance network. Impressions and videos.

14-06-2024, Bucharest, Romania (online), Presentation on ‘Challenges and Opportunities of SDG (Meta)Governance in Turbulent Times’, at the 7th International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

11to13-06 2024, Copenhagen, Denmark, 88th Session Scientific Committtee of the European Environment Agency

06-06-2024, Brussels, participation at the European Sustainable Development Network ESDN Conference

24-05-2024, Florence, Italy, participation at the State of the Union Conference at the European University Institute

21-05-2024, Oulu, Finland, Presentation on ‘Metagovernance for Sustainability: Governance in Turbulent Times’ at the Communicating Sustainability Workshop, University of Oulu.

15-05-2024, Brussels, presentation on ‘How to generate ‘smart Dutch’ impact in ‘Brussels’ on the green transition, under a changing geopolitical world order’, for senior management team of Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water.

30-04-2024, Brussels, presentation at EU Enlargement Day, representing the Council of Europe, on ‘Local government public procurement, spending, and workforce mindsets: peer-to-peer cooperation and inspiring practices’.

26-04-2024, Vienna, Austria, presentation on ‘Making science and policy work together and better understand the long-term challenges of the green transition’ at the Ministerial Western Balkans and Türkiye Conference of Environment Ministers.

14to18-04-2024 New York, various presentations and moderations at the 23rd session of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA)

26-03-2024, New York, (online), UNDP Energy Governance webinar, presentation on *

25-03-2024, Brussels, guest workshop on ‘How to choose an effective mix of governance styles (metagovernance)?’ (in Dutch) for for Belgian federal government managers (GOLD training).

12/13 February 2024, Dubai, Participation at Global Government Summit and Ministerial Roundtable on the SDGs.

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