Some of the ongoing of past projects of PS4SD are presented on this page. Generally they are executed by Ingeborg Niestroy; Louis Meuleman is not active in (paid) advisory projects as long as he is a civil servant.

Projects PS4SD

Results Peer Review of SDS Hessen (2018)

As a member of the Peer Review team of the Sustainable Development Strategy of the German region of Hessen, Ingeborg and colleagues presented their final results to the Hessian Minister of the Environment Priska Hinz. In a joint conversation, they explained the central content of their review. Minister Hinz thanked [...]

Peer Review of the Sustainability Strategy of Hesse (2018)

Update: Read a short interview with Ingeborg on the Hesse SD peer review. Ingeborg was appointed to the group of “peers” for the peer review of the Sustainability Strategy of Hesse. Among the subnational SD strategies it is the first German Bundesland that conducts such an external peer review, on the [...]

Expert for the EESC opinion on SDG mapping

Ingeborg was expert for the opinion of the Sustainable Development Observatory (SDO) of the EU’s Economic and Social Committee (EESC), “Sustainable Development: A Mapping of the EU’s internal and external policies (NAT/693)“, adopted in September 2016.

SDG Watch Europe

Since 2016, Ingeborg has been engaged as volunteer in SDG Watch Europe, the EU-level, cross-sectoral alliance of NGOs from development, environment, social human rights and other ‘sectors’. She is facilitator of Strand 2 MONITORING , ACCOUNTABILITY, & REVIEW OF EUROPEAN SDG IMPLEMENTATION ACROSS ALL SECTORS, and member of the Steering [...]

SDG implementation in 6 Western Balkan countries

Ingeborg was researcher in a study conducted end of 2017 by the UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), commissioned by UNDP and UNECE, on SDG implementation in six Western Balkan countries. The study was originally meant as background paper to a planned regional workshop, as preparation for the UNECE [...]

European Parliament:  improving governance for the SDGs

In this study (2017-18), Ingeborg is exploring options for improving the internal governance of the European Parliament, in order to being better able to dealing with the SDGs and to better fulfilling its watchdog role. To these ends, she also interviewed quite a number of Members of the EP from [...]

Lecturing in Lille (2017-18)

[Oct 2017] Ingeborg teaches a master course on EU food policy at the Catholic University of Lille, starting in October 2017. A number of “Food Controversies” are discussed with guest lecturers from NGOs and EU institutions.

Policy Coordinator for ECOLISE

In 2017, Ingeborg worked part-time as policy coordinator for ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability. She worked on a policy strategy, established and deepened links and partnerships in Brussels, and co-organised the European Day of Sustainable Communities and the related conference in Brussels on [...]