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Implementation of the SDGs

VNR-LAB in New York

On 17th July 2018, Louis was discussant at one of the new VNR (Voluntary National Review) LABs organised by UN DESA during the High […]

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Transformative Designs for Sustainability

Ingeborg participated 18-20 June 2018 in a “Transformation Lab” on  Transformative Designs for Sustainability: Facilitating Mindshifts and Collective Action for Anthropocene-Prosperity, conceptualised by the Collective Leadership Institute […]

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Vice-chair of CEPA

[April 2018] At the 17th session of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration at the UN HQ in New York, Louis was […]

Implementation of the SDGs

17th Session of CEPA in New York

[April 2018] From 23-27 April 2018, Louis participated as member at the 17th annual session of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration in […]

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SDGs at the CEPS Ideas Lab

[Febr 2018] On 22 February 2018 at the CEPS Ideas Lab, Ingeborg moderated a panel discussion on SDG implementation in and by the EU, framed […]

Impact Assessment

Lecturing in Lille (2017-18)

[Oct 2017] Ingeborg teaches a master course on EU food policy at the Catholic University of Lille, starting in October 2017. A number of […]

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Policy Coordinator for ECOLISE

In 2017, Ingeborg worked part-time as policy coordinator for ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability. She worked on […]

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Implementation of the SDGs

Principles for effective governance

Louis co-authored a Guest article with an overview of 11 useful principles for the SDGs with examples of concrete strategies. Compiled by the Committee […]

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First reviews of “Metagovernance for Sustainability”

“There are many books on SDGs, but this is a ‘metabook’ which will inspire and guide all those responsible for and studying the SDGs” (Geert Bouckaert); “This book will become the core text in this area” (Paul Jackson); “A book that is a must for those who strive for enhanced professionalism in governance for sustainable development” (Roel in ‘t Veld); “What makes this book a must-read is the emphasis on how to get to differentiated governance for the SDGs” (Guenther Bachmann). […]


Interview in Unesco Courier

[April 2017] Louis was interviewed in the latest edition of the UNESCO Courier (April-June 2017) on the article authored with Ingeborg Niestroy and Jan Gustav Strandenaes […]

Governance & Metagovernance

Metagovernance in Central Asia (2017)

Louis co-authored an article in Development Policy Review: Steering the Poverty-Environment Nexus in Central Asia: A Metagovernance Analysis of the Poverty Environment Initiative (PEI). It […]

About us

About us

What is PS4SD?

Public Strategy for Sustainable Development (PS4SD) is a think-tank and advisory network registered in 2000, based in Brussels and The Hague. PS4SD combines the […]

Tweets @LouisMeuleman and @IngeNiestroy

@GChenais @UNDESA I would say that national statistical systems are important, but this does not mean that sound policymaking can be achieved only with their data: Independent statistics from thinktanks & research institutions, and data collected by civil society organisations are also important!
@collaboratewiki @ESG_SDG @IISD_SDGs I agree: principles are nothing without implementation linked - but they are a good checklist before you design measures, and to keep them coherent. The 11 principles are already linked to strategies but need concretization. CEPA will work on this towards its April 2019 session.
Overview of 11 really useful principles for the SDGs with examples of concrete strategies. Compiled by #CEPA in April and Endorsed by UN ECOSOC on 2nd July. #SDGs @UNDESA
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Brussels is loosing his trees, again.... Is there really no political party here - just before the local elections - who understands that we need many trees for clean air, for shade, and for their beauty?
This report is an essential contribution to understand why some governance and public administration challenges are common and some are different in the EU member states. A basis for 'common but differentiated governance' for implementing the #SDGs. #CEPA
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Wow! Even myself, in 'nostalgia' for renting videos, is convinced,-) Not too bad to cycle to the store, by the way, meeting people maybe and do other collective things.
A wonderful video animation created by @ASviSItalia for their 2018 Festival #FestivalSviluppoSostenibile to introduce the SDGs, , shown yesterday at the conference "SDGs, Climate and the Future of Europe"
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Just for the sake of my Romanian SDG tie in the picture!
We need bottom-up AND top-down, grassroot action and a framework/strategy that guides.
Hope the EP will do more to get there!



The problem with the long term

Considering the slow pace of societal transitions, SDG implementation should have a strong long-term view. Policies triggering transitions often have a long lead time: […]