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Implementation of the SDGs

Appointment as Member of UN CEPA (2018-2021)

On nomination by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Louis was appointed on 26th July 2017 as Member of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) from 1st January 2018 until 31st July 2021, in his personal capacity. The  members of […]

Impact Assessment

SDGs and RIA in Georgia (July/Sept 2017)

For German GIZ, Ingeborg contributes to workshops this summer in Georgia on how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals and Regulatory Impact Assessment.

New Publications


Interview in Unesco Courier (2017)

Louis was interviewed in the latest edition of the UNESCO Courier (April-June 2017) on the article authored with Ingeborg Niestroy and Jan Gustav Strandenaes on new SDG partnerships: “There is a need to progress from PPP to “ABC”, where Administration, Business, and […]

Governance & Metagovernance

Metagovernance in Central Asia (2017)

Louis co-authored an article in Development Policy Review: Steering the Poverty-Environment Nexus in Central Asia: A Metagovernance Analysis of the Poverty Environment Initiative (PEI). It presents a set of recommendations to improve governance coordination, while achieving more inclusive decision-making and ultimately […]

About us

About us

What is PS4SD?

Public Strategy for Sustainable Development (PS4SD) is a think-tank and advisory network established 2012, based in Brussels and The Hague. PS4SD combines the expertise and experience with governance, impact assessment and stakeholder engagement of its founders Louis Meuleman and Ingeborg Niestroy […]



The problem with the long-term

Considering the slow pace of societal transitions, SDG implementation should have a strong long-term view. Policies triggering transitions often have a long lead time: the results may be only visible after 5-10 years (Meuleman & In t Veld 2009*). This […]